Steinberg обновили платформу VST3

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    Steinberg обновили платформу VST3:
    3rd Party Developer

    Steinberg Media Technologies has released VST SDK 3.6.7 (build 352). Основной упор обновления VST протокола сделан на поддержку Linux.

    Что добавлено:
    • Preview Linux support.
    • Licensing has changed. Please read the new VST 3 License.
    • Use cmake as project generator.
    • This is the last version of the SDK supporting C++98, future versions will used C++11.
    • The VST 3 part of this SDK is now available on GitHub at GitHub - steinbergmedia/vst3sdk: VST 3 Plug-In SDK
    • Samples:
      • New VST 3 Host implementation example:
        • New HostEditor application: Cross-platform (Win/macOS/Linux) standalone which opens the UI of a VST3 Plug-in.

      • Updated validator application to support Linux.
      • AGain Plug-in updated:
        • It uses VSTGUI 4 instead of VSTGUI 3.
        • It supports 64-bit processing (template based).

      • All VSTGUI 4 based samples support HiDPI on Windows now.
      • Fix Program Change persistence in mda Plug-ins example.
      • Removed Xcode and Visual Studio projects, please use cmake now.
      • On Windows we link VST3 Plug-ins with the MultiThreaded DLL runtime libraries (it will use Universal C Runtime Libraries, for older Windows version than Win 8.1 you may have to install these libraries from:

    • VSTGUI 3.x is no longer supported (removed from the SDK). You can still download it from github: GitHub - steinbergmedia/vstgui: A user interface toolkit mainly for audio plug-ins
    • Plug-in Wrappers:
      • auwrapper:
        • Fix AU Wrapper MIDI Program Change issue (data1 instead of data2).

      • vst2xwrapper:
        • Fix resize issue on macOS.
        • Fix mapping between VST3 ParamID and VST2 paramID when bypass parameter is used.