Вышел новый минорный апдейт Reason Peropellerhead 10.2 с внушительным списком полезных нововведений

  • Added Multi Lane Edit, for viewing and editing MIDI across multiple lanes and tracks at once
  • Adjust faders, solo and mute across multiple mix channels at once in a “ganged”/”linked” fashion
  • A new Snap setting in the sequencer – Grid – which adapts the resolution to the current zoom level
  • Double click a sequencer track to open the rack and scroll to its device
  • New “+ Add Device” and “+ Add Track” buttons in the rack and in the sequencer
  • New context menu item – Route to New Mix Channel – on audio outputs on devices in the rack
  • Easy MIDI Inputs automatically detects MIDI controllers when connected
  • New setting in Reason’s preferences for returning the play cursor to its last start position when stopping playback
  • New Tutorial Area for quickly getting started and learning about Reason
  • Improved track selection behavior in the sequencer track list, to match the behavior of device selection in the rack and clip selection in the sequencer
  • Improved looping behavior in the Dual Arpeggio Player device
  • Updated Europa to fix a bug where selecting an engine could alter the sound
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could crash in certain scenarios when self-containing samples
  • Fixed a bug where replacing a device could cause issues
  • Fixed a bug where large files could cause issues with Pitch Edit
  • Fixed a bug in ReWire for compatibility with macOS Mojave
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

     Бесплатно для владельцев Reason 10

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